Hogs Dogs Quads 7 - Boars & Barra- BONUS Barra Fishing DVD

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Hogs Dogs Quads 7 - Boars & Barra!

***Bonus Barra Fishing DVD***



Bryce and Matty are back into it again. Watch the boys smash 3 tonners in a row on an unbelievable hunt with Gulf Legend Craig Logan. The hounds sure earn their keep this day.

Join Bryce and Matty on some day hunts up the Cape where they rack up some big numbers of pigs and the hounds are firing. They have managed to capture some unreal drone footage that will have your mouth watering.

Matty Teams up with Jayden and Drago in the gulf and they capture some great footage of some cranky boars sleeping in a sandy creek, before they are woken by some keen hounds.

The boys share some pointers they have learnt along their way, when starting young dogs and they introduce their current team of hounds.

The boys have also thrown in a Bonus Barra fishing DVD, see how they spend their time on the water when they have to rest the hounds. This includes some awesome footage of Barra getting caught off nearly every cast. They even manage to wrangle in some good size Barra without any rods, has to be seen to be believed.

HDQ 7 is nonstop action with some BIG cranky boars well over the 100Kg mark.